Legacy TravelCarrollton's Travel Agent - Legacy Travel

When you're looking for a travel agent in Carrollton, Legacy Travel is it.

Legacy Travel has been serving the Metroplex for over 20 years.  Located at the South West corner of Custer and Parker roads in Central Plano we are easy to find.  We are in the same shopping center as Kroger, Scotty P's and Mama's Pizza as you can see here.

When you're looking for a travel agent in Carrollton and you ask your friends, you're likely to hear about us.  Ask around, you probably know someone who has worked with us on a vacation.

Give us a call at 972-517-9130 and let us get started on your trip.  Or, just drop by our office.  Our hours are Monday through Saturday from 9am until 6pm.  We're right near Carrollton and we're your travel agency!