Thinking of a trip to France?

Whether it is your first trip to France or your 20th, a trip to France is a big event.  Each trip has it's own set of expectations.  We can fulfill them. 

Most people think of Paris when first thinking of France.  There are so many beautiful places in France outside of Paris.  Think about the World War 2 sites up to the north, or the wineries to the south.  Consider a river cruise where every day you stop at a different beautiful small town.  There are wine themed cruises throughout France as well.

Are you wanting a completely guided trip where you don't have to think about a single thing?  Are you wanting to navigate trains and be completely independent?  We can help either way.  We even have various choices between the two.  Or, for a wonderful experience, do try one of the river cruises.

We have trips that focus on food and wine, architecture, history, or just checking things off of your bucket list.

Things to consider while thinking about a trip to France:

When is the best time to go?

How long can you be gone?

What do you want to experience while you're there?

Are you interested in focusing on wine?  food? history?  relaxing?

What kind of budget are you going to be comfortable / happy with?

Our agents can talk through all of these things with you and design a trip that will hit every mark. Fill out the form over there on the right or give our office a call at the numbers on the top of the page.  

Here is our video about top five travel tips for Europe.