Hawaii Vacations

There isn't anywhere like Hawaii.  The Spirit of Aloha flows throughout the land and the people of Hawaii.  It's a trip everyone needs to make at least once.  It's important that you work with someone who really knows the islands.  At Legacy Travel we have Maui Master Specialists, Hawaii Master Specialists, Kauai Specialists, Oahu Master Specialists, Hawaii Destination Specialists, and a Hyatt Hawaii Five-0 Specialist.  The Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau recognizes Legacy Travel as an authority on the Islands of Aloha.

If you are considering a vacation to Hawaii, (regardless of if you want a vacation to Maui, Oahu, Kauai or the Big Island) you want true unbiased information. You want to know the real ins and outs and how to make your vacation unique.  Let our experts be your guide to the perfect Hawaii Vacation.  

We are real, and friendly, and we know Hawaii.  Experience the Spirit of Aloha even while you plan your trip.  Give us a call, send us a message via that contact form over there to the right, or text us at 866-329-7157.