So you want to be a travel agent?

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We've owned Legacy Travel since 1989. As you can imagine, we are often asked, "How does a person become a travel agent?" Travel schools used to be available and although we've never thought they did a very good job, they commanded a high fee to teach some geography along with some airline reservation system commands. The problem today is twofold. The first issue is that most of the travel schools went belly up in the early to mid 90's when airline commissions dried up. The other thing is that in a travel agency that sells mostly vacation travel, the airline reservation systems are no longer the primary booking tool which means that knowing how to run an airline reservation system doesn't contribute to the needed job skills in this area.

So, the question remains, how does a person become a travel agent?

We can't speak for everyone, but at Legacy Travel, we do things differently than most travel agencies. We've always believed in hiring the right people and providing them with the skills to be the best travel agents. In fact, right now we're looking for a person or two who would like to make a career change. If you think you'd like to be a travel agent, review this information. If you're interested in pursuing this opportunity, click the link at the bottom of this page.

Q. How much will it cost me to become a travel agent for Legacy Travel?

A. There are no fees for our training program. In fact, we'll pay you a small stipend during the duration of your training. The first six months you are with us, we will pay you $12.00 per hour. After that time, we'll increase that to $14.00 per hour. This is because we assume that by the time you'll be with us six months, you'll have the skills to make a contribution to the productivity of our office.

Q. What is the salary for a travel agent at Legacy Travel?

A. The compensation plan at Legacy Travel is also different than what you'll encounter at most travel agencies. At Legacy Travel your salary is based on a percentage of the average commission you've brought in over the last twelve months. The reason we average the commissions is that vacation travel tends to run in rather drastic cycles. In the summer time the commissions come in just about as fast as we can process them. In the winter time things are a bit slower.

Q. Can you explain the "Rolling 12" pay structure in greater detail?

A. Certainly! The average vacation we sell has a commission of approximately $250.00. If you sell 7 vacations a week, your monthly revenue will be $7000.00. Your portion of this would be 35% (if this was your average over the last 12 months). This would mean that your gross monthly paycheck would be $2450.00. With our state of the art marketing program, we bring in plenty of customers. It is all up to you to turn those prospects into profit.

Q. When can I expect to move from the training pay to the "Rolling 12" compensation plan?

A.     Typically, it will take 18-24 months but if you get off to a strong start, you can switch as soon as you're ready! For instance, let's say that it is 7 months into your training and you get up to speed very quickly and start selling travel and doing well. We would take the commission you've generated it and average it by however many months you've been with us. If your percentage of that amount exceeds what you would make on the hourly wage, then you'll be paid according to the "Rolling 12" average from then on. Two things to be aware of, however, On the vast majority of vacations we are paid after the passengers travel. This means that you could hit the ground running selling travel. It could still be several months till people travel and therefore several months till the money starts coming in. You get paid when we get paid. The other consideration is that once you go to "Rolling 12", there is no going back to training pay.

Q. How many hours per week will I train/work?

A.    Your schedule will be 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM Tuesday through Saturday. 

Q. What kind of person are you looking for?

A. We are looking for someone who either has an aptitude for selling, or has demonstrated prior success in a selling environment. Selling vacations is unique in that not only do you have to develop a rapport with the customer and discern what they want and need and match them up with an appropriate experience, but you also have to be detail oriented enough to make it happen. It is one thing to be able to sell a person a is quite another to be able to build the car itself.

Q. I saw an ad on the Internet claiming that if I pay them $495.00, they will make me a travel agent and pay me commission. How is this different than that?

A. Night and day. We are looking for an actual employee. We are not charging you for your training, in fact, we are paying you. Those types of "opportunities" you read about are called "Card Mills" in the industry. Basically the company makes their profit on those $495.00 fees they charge you. Perhaps you'll book your vacations and perhaps a few others, but the company doesn't care, they've already made what they expect to make.

Q. Will travel be a required part of my job?

A. Required?! Will travel be required? Travel will certainly be a part of your job. It is important that you see the destinations so that you can do a better job of matching customers to their best vacation. We will send you on familiarization trips which are trips sponsored and escorted by tour operators or tourist bureaus. The days of those trips are filled with touring hotels and other attractions within a given destination. There is time allowed for leisure enjoyment as well. Additionally, there are a multitude of discount travel opportunities that you can take advantage of.

Q. Do I have to have previous experience as a travel agent to work at Legacy Travel?

A. Not only is it not required, it is not allowed. We only hire people who are new to the travel industry. If you have previously worked at a travel agency, I am afraid that you do not qualify for this position.

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